What a great thrill it is to 4WD right?  Think about exactly what it can be and with over 4,000 acres of rugged mountain landscapes! Gordon Country has earned itself a reputation as a premium place for all kinds of 4WDriving adventures and we’d love you to experience it.   Whether you’re an experienced 4WDriver or you’re just discovering the thrill and adventure that comes with this amazing recreational activity, our tracks cater for both the novice and the experienced (and everyone in between).

Explore and enjoy our multiple four wheel driving tracks for the duration of your stay (yes – no matter how long),  for only $30.00 per vehicle!


What to Expect: Roads Not So Well Travelled

Surrounded by mountains and encompassing all terrains from lush forests to grassy plains – Goomburra Valley’s Gordon Country has everything you could possibly hope for.  We have a range and variety of 4WDriving tracks that absolutely cater for every taste and experience so you’re sure to find a fit for you.

Venture through the Main Range mountains, up to the spectacular lookouts, large dams and then back through the challenging downhill sections!

  • The Homestead Loop: This track takes you up the Gatton side of the property and is one of our family friendly tracks. Head off with the family and soak in the spectacular views along the way.  Take a picnic basket and make the most of your morning or afternoon!
  • To the Dam:  Following the first half of the Homestead Loop you next branch off to your right.  Explore and revel in the amazing views of cliff faces, the lushness of the rainforest and picturesque waterfalls on both sides of the track. Test your skill as this track culminates in a jaw dropping down hill section – totally suited to and best traversed by thrill seeking experienced drivers only!
  • The Banshee Valley:  Featuring a track that will only take you about 45 minutes and rounding off at the boundary to the national state forest – the highlight of this one is a natural bell bird colony. Feast your eyes on the Koalas which are often seen along this track so the whole family will enjoy this one and it’s fine for inexperienced drivers as well!
  • Goomburra Rocky Mountain Climb: Approximately an hour and a half to traverse – and once again for the more experienced drivers only.  This track loops around the Maryvale side of the property taking you across some extremely steep sections. Wahoo, hold onto your akubras!!
  • Tracks for both the novice and the experienced are available.

The Fine Print

4WDriving on Gordon Country is available to currently registered 4WD’s only.  We’re happy to offer this adventure for the enjoyment of you, your family and friends and trust you will respect our new tracks.    The team at Gordon Country are vigilant in our maintenance and improvement processes. We sincerely assure guests that your vehicle fees are reinvested into the continual maintenance & improvement of our roads, tracks and property. The first vehicle fee was actually introduced after the 2011 floods when the roads, tracks and parts of the property were devastated.  The cost of rebuilding and maintenance may surprise some but it is a focus for us.  It will continue to be so going forward as this infrastructure is vital to the safety & enjoyment of our guests.  It also impacts the overall accessibility to all areas of the property.

Gordon Country reserves the right to close the tracks should they become unsafe for any reason and they will be closed during any wet weather.

Love to see you soon in the valley and happy 4WDriving!

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a mandatory vehicle fee of $10 per car and $30 per 4WD. This fee covers the duration of your stay allowing you access to our many driving tracks (for suitable vehicles), and must be paid at the time of your  booking.


During periods of wet weather – our 4WD tracks will be closed.  This is precautionary to protect the safety of drivers and to preserve the integrity of our tracks for future use.  As a guest with a 4WD vehicle, to accept this possibility is a non-negotiable condition of  your stay.  We appreciate your understanding as our tracks are part of our treasured environment and costly to maintain.