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                      Gordon Country Guest Gallery..

                                                        THANK YOU  for participating in our PHOTO COMP 2017!                                                            We loved receiving all your photos highlighting your experiences and those of your kids and pooches! The winning images and winners  have been posted on our Facebook Page and are highlighted on our  ‘Upcoming Events’ page.  All entries can be viewed on the dedicated  Photo Comp 2017 page as well.  And as always, we’ll be updating  our Guest Gallery with all these great new pics!  By the way, our  judge found it just too difficult to settle on only one winner per  section so opted for THREE!

1/ Young photographer (through young eyes) – winners are Grace Ash, Amy Morgan and Michelle Manton.
2/ Action or Adventure – winners are Sarah Weston, Laura Gray and Liam Edward.
3/ Scenery -winners are Sammy Greener, Mitch Steele and Kylie Draper.
4/ Favorite Campfire Photo – winners are Leah East, Deb Barton and Courtney Talbot.
 Winners of each section will receive a 2 night camping trip in an area of their  choice for 6 people, all fees inclusive.  


 At the moment  we’re featuring a carousel of images kindly sent to us by Lisa Owen after her recent stay Sep ’17 and CLICK the following link to view a great video montage created by our guest Brian Williams highlighting his recent Gordon Country experience with his family and great looking dog!  WILLIAMS FAMILY @ gordon country

We maintain a selection of old and new photographs in our Guest Gallery  portraying the kinds of fantastic and unique experiences our guests enjoy at  Gordon Country.  There’s a contribution of images by us and a great selection  sent in by our valued guests, including those of our recent 2017 Photo  Competition with our sincere appreciation.  If you’d like some of your favorite  Gordon Country pics to be included on this page, we’d love you to send them  in via our Facebook Page  –

 The newer guest images are featured lower in the page and most have been  sent in throughout 2016 and 2017! We congratulate everyone on the quality  and expertise shown in this large & eclectic example of outback photography  and hope we can continue to build on this album of memories.

 Our gratitude to all of our guests who send in their photos, we’re very grateful  to see them and happy to publish them to our pages.   Check out the segments  below which Gordon Country has been featured in  – the most recent being  Queensland Weekender 50th Anniversary which aired Sep 17.  horseback/