Driving Directions

Gordon Country- Goomburra Valley

2081 Inverramsay road Goomburra 4362

Directions from Brisbane:

  • Take the Cunningham Highway heading towards Warwick
  • From the top of Cunningham’s Gap continue 21 klms to the Driver Reviver site on the right side of the road
  • Turn right just past the Driver Reviver and continue approximately 10klms to an intersection –  turn hard right leaving the Hall on your left
  • Continue up the Valley for approximately 20klms and you’ll come to the first Gordon Country sign on left (this is our residence)
  • Continue past this sign for approximately another 2 klms to a gravel road which is where our country starts
  • Choice creek campsites for approx next 7klms.  Feel free to choose the site you prefer and set up camp. Register if you can but otherwise, our caretaker will come around the next day with maps etc and to collect fees