Dogs and Horses @ Gordon Country

horse and dog   


We love horses and make available the option for you to bring yours with you for your stay.  However, we require that you have a club membership or be affiliated with appropriate insurance.  It is absolutely VITAL that you let us know in advance if you wish to bring your horse.  You  will also need to provide in advance:-

  • Declarations of vaccinations for Hendra
  • Provision of evidence stating your club affiliation and insurance

No stallions allowed under any circumstances. You are also required to bring and use suitable safety wear such as helmets.

Unfortunately failure to meet the above requirements, will result in the owners using their right to refuse entry or request that you leave the property.  Understandably, having valuable livestock on the property and breeding programs in place, it is critical that the above be respected.


dog and horse 


We love people but gee we love dogs!  They’re part of the family and we’re more than happy for you to bring your precious pooch along with you for your stay.  However, once again we request that all guests respect this particular privilege and ensure the following:-

  • dogs are not allowed inside the glamping tents or cabins. They are welcome on the decks but not be on any furniture.
  • All vaccinations are up to date
  • At no time or under any circumstances, is a dog to chase livestock or act in a violent manner or concerning manner towards other dogs or people
  • That they are restrained at night

Failure to comply with the above or in the case of a dog behaving aggressively, will result in the owners using their right to refuse entry or request that the dog and owner leave the property.  It is a valued privilege that guests can bring their dogs and we trust that all dog owners will respect and value this privilege.  Ultimately this ensures we can continue to include our 4 legged friends as our valued guests!

    Doggy Camping!