Gordon Country FAQs



Gordon Country FAQs


Over the years we’ve been asked lots and lots of questions regarding a stay on our property – so we’ve compiled the following FAQ’s and information in response to the most commonly asked.  We hope it’s useful in helping you make your decision re a stay with us at Gordon Country.

The following FAQs may be downloaded by CLICKING HERE

When can I check in and out and do I need to see the caretaker?

Yes you DO NEED TO REGISTER at the office on arrival.  If you arrive out of office hours, there is a registration book there specifically for your sign in.  The Manager will do regular rounds ensuring that all guests are registered.

Cabin guests are similarly able to proceed to cabins prior to seeing the Manager if the Manager is not in the office at the time of arrival with the same procedure to follow.

Do I have to camp where I have booked?

Although you are able to book to a specific site – we do not enforce you camping according to your original booking..  This is a privilege we can extend to our guests due to the large size of our property and camping areas. For our first time guests, we certainly understand that it’s hard to know where you might want to camp until you arrive and so we offer as much freedom as we possibly can to enable you a happy choice of position.

Can I camp near the creek?

Absolutely! We understand the attraction of being near the water so all our campsites are designed and arranged along the creek. Gordon Country is a large property with the Dalrymple and Banshee Creeks traversing through giving us probably close to 15km of creek to utilise for the positioning of our campsites.

Are dogs allowed and are they required to be kept on a leash?

We are definitely dog lovers and would love to have your dog visit us! We are positioned uniquely in that we allow dogs and have no expectation or regulation that they be kept on a leash the entire time.  However sensibly, we do ask people to respect this freedom and be responsible with their dogs and cater to their dogs personalities.   If you think your dog may chase our livestock or wildlife, fight with other dogs or cause concern to other people – please restrain them accordingly so that we’re able to continue offering this wonderful freedom to dog owners.

How big is Gordon Country? Is there ample room for me or will I be crowded in?

Gordon Country is close to 4000 acres with some of our campsites being more than 100 acres.  In this respect we are certainly very unique in what we offer and have never been known to fill to capacity!

Easter is our busiest weekend of the year and whilst areas around the central facilities become more crowded, if you have your own personal facilities such as a porta pottie, you will always be able to find somewhere private and secluded – even in a two wheel drive!

We are mindful of the comfort of our guests and are therefore,  constantly clearing new sites for campers creating even more open space.

Can I light a fire?

Absolutely! A campfire is an iconic and most enjoyable element of a stay at Gordon Country..     We do however and as a fire precaution, ask that campers only light fires in the established fire pits.  These fire pits have been created at numerous locations for campers convenience – however if you wish to camp somewhere off the beaten track and there is no fire pit, prior approval from the caretaker or manager must first be obtained before building a new pit.  This process ensures the pit is created correctly while avoiding any property damage or rogue fires.

Should I bring drinking water?

Yes.  Although the creek has running water we do not recommend drinking straight from the creek.  We advise that campers and cabin guests should bring their own water, or alternately boil the creek water for 3 minutes before consumption.

How many toilets and showers are there for campers?

We now have 5 facilities in total –  3 of which have both showers and toilets.  These are situated as follows:

Showers and Toilets are at the Black Cockatoo Camp, Bullhole South Camp and in the Retreat Area. There are central ablution blocks provided for the cabin guests which can be used by campers who stay in either Whitman Camp or Lorikeet Camp.

Additional Toilets are at the Festival Site and Banshee Valley.

I am staying in one of the cabins. What do I need to bring?

You should bring the following:

•             A small gas bottle to attach to the BBQ

•             Gas lights (please NO candles!)

•             Sheets for single and queen size beds.

Can I swim in the creek?

Yes the creek is a great swimming spot!  We are fortunate in having permanent holes in our creek where the water will always run deeper. Of course, how deep they run depends on the prevailing weather conditions and depth therefore, may vary accordingly.  We cannot obviously guarantee swimming holes or deep water, however can definitely say that it’s a spring fed creek which always has water.

What are the four wheel drive tracks like?

The four wheel drive tracks are classed as moderate.  Low gear and medium level experience is required to traverse these safely. There are two main tracks however there are quite a number of little off shoots also that are of shorter duration and sure to get the tyres dirty and the driving skills working overtime.

Are dirt bikes and other motor bikes, including four wheelers allowed?

Unfortunately no!  One of the paramount concerns for our guests is safe and peaceful camping in a predictable environment for their family and the feedback we have constantly received,  is that the bikes are simply too noisy.  There are also significant prevailing insurance reasons as to why we cannot allow it.

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