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creekHow great is it when the kids are happily occupied!  At Gordon Country the kids have the freedom to explore and engage their sense of adventure with the water activities, mountain walks, bush ball games, bike riding, star gazing, story telling and that’s just a few of the available activities!  AND they love being able to have the dog along as well..
Check out below for a few fun activities for your kids to enjoy on their next camping adventure at Gordon Country – and you might find yourself surrendering to the kids style of adventure yourself!

Fotolia_89767700_S rubber ducks 3

Hmmm, is fun limited when you’re a kid in the bush?  We don’t think so!

Bullhole South

Creek is amazing

Creek is amazing for fishing & yabbying..

Enjoying a swim

Bring your bikes

Freedom to explore

Say it again,is fun limited when you’re a kid in the bush?  Naa!








    Organize a group of kids and buddy everyone off.   Every team gets a list of items to gather and a bag to put the them in – and items on the list might guide them in a few different directions so that they see the bush in all its glory.  A good idea to give the kids a compass and watch (with clear instructions) and give them a time to be back.  And have a really big bag of roasting marshmallows waiting for the winners to toast and share!

    scavenger hunt






cloud inspecting


CLOUD INSPECTING… Here’s an image you can print out for each of the kids with a cut-out in the centre of the page. It’s as simple as the kids being out in the open, capturing the clouds in the sky in the cut out section, and then determining which type they are.  Educational, active and fun! 


camp olympics


CAMP OLYMPICS..   Really easy to organise with some markers, ropes and balls.  There could be relay races; long jump; tunnel ball; tug of war; hop scotch; balancing in tree poses; and skipping stones on the creek.  The kids might contribute their own ideas and versions for the competitions which makes it even more special for them.



story telling

CAMP STORY CONTEST… Always an absolute favourite and fun for the parents to listen in to…  Individual story telling for kids around the campfire is a real stimulant for their imagination as well as making them (in turns), the centre of attention! Alternately, try a game where one of the kids begins a fictional story with a time limit, then in turn, all of the kids have to continue on with that same story….. Best story judged by a vote of applause at the end!  More roasted marshmallows?




starSTARS AND CONSTELLATIONS…  Yet another educational and fun activity is the study of the night skies which are stunningly clear at Gordon Country. Get the kids to guess at and determine the individual stars and the constellations – maybe using a chart or book as a reference.  Amazing how much of this they will remember when learning in a fun environment. 



rainy day

RAINY DAY EXPLORING… Ah well, the rain does happen sometimes so best to be prepared and make the most of it.  Let’s face it, kids naturally love playing in the rain and getting dirty and it’s only water after all (oh and maybe a bit of mud)..     A rain coat and good wet weather hat, gumboots, maybe some extra socks and off you go exploring through the rainforest jumping puddles and seeing what the flora and fauna look like when they’re all wet!



coneCAMP COOKING…. Here’s a great recipe that the kids can manage with supervision. Probably a bit of a sugar overload but hey, treat time at night after a big day of camping activities….or at lunch and they can burn it off!

You’ll need-
* sugar cones
* mini marshmallows
* chocolate chips
Yummy extras…
* peanut butter
* chopped bananas
* anything else you think you’d like (fruits, nuts, etc.)
* aluminum foil
* a campfire or grill
Spread the peanut butter on the inside of the cones, then fill with the chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and banana slices. Wrap the whole cone in aluminum foil and put on the hot grill. Grill for about 5-10 minutes, turning occasionally. Absolute yummmmmm and the kids so proud of their efforts!

easter friend kookaburra

Hi there...

Hi there…

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