Safety Precaution Guidelines

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Safety Precaution Guidelines at Gordon Country

Gordon Country offers incredibly expansive areas for its guests to use for camping and other activities. Number 1 on our list of priorities is your safety and the precaution of any mishaps so we’ve prepared this page with relevant links to assist you in being prepared.

While many of our guests are experienced campers and a great many have stayed with us before – we are always welcoming newcomers to Gordon Country and the overall camping experience.

Safety Precaution Guidelines

We emphasise that the safety of our guests is paramount and ask that you as our guest, familiarise yourself with the following Safety and Precaution Guidelines.  You can download and print a copy by CLICKING HERE.


While there are no fire bans in place at the moment, it is critical that appropriate care is taken by way of the following steps during your stay with us at Gordon Country. This protects most importantly you our guests, as well as the animals, wildlife and property. 

  1. Use an established fire pit;
  2. Make sure the fire is fully extinguished before the last person retires for the evening and is doused with water;
  3. Keep the fire moderate and appropriate for your camp size so that there are no large embers or flames; and
  4. Never leave the fire unattended. 


  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, leave young children unattended while they swim in the creek. NEVER dive or jump into a creek as it’s not always possible to ascertain the depth of the water. If you do so, you proceed at your own risk and Gordon Country accepts no liability in any form or fashion while you swim on Gordon Country.
  • We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you bring a first aid kit with you.
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances camp under tree limbs, dead or alive. If a storm hits or there are prevailing strong winds, it’s quite possible that a limb may fall and can cause property damage, injury to self or loss of life.  If you camp under tree limbs exposing yourself to this risk, you accept that you have made this choice aware of the danger acknowledging that you have been advised against doing so. Gordon Country accepts no liability in any form or fashion in this regard.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances,  go bushwalking without appropriate shoes such as runners or boots. This precaution is taken to minimise the risk of tripping, falling or being bitten by animals such as snakes.
  • Further, we STRONGLY ADVISE when bushwalking that you utilise a long stick to continually prod the bush in front of you. Gordon Country is Australian bush land and is home to many varieties of snakes including the Red Belly Black and the King Brown. Precautions such as proper footwear, and prodding the bush ahead of you will give any snake time to move away.
  • We recommend that you carry a bandage with you whenever you are bushwalking and if using a backpack, take your First Aid kit.  These measures are precautionary and sensible in support of your welfare.  Gordon Country accepts no liability, in any form or fashion for those engaged in bushwalking while at Gordon Country.
  • SPIDERS AND TICKS are another potential risk when camping in outback Australia.  If you suffer a bite or suspect you have a tick, we strongly advise you to seek IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.   WE ALSO STRONGLY ADVISE that you click on the following link and read the information provided.
  • If HORSE RIDING, by accepting our terms and conditions, you are confirming that you are a current member of a horse riding club or association and that you have your own APPROPRIATE insurance. You are also confirming that you have appropriate and safe riding equipment and tack. DO NOT, under any circumstances, go riding without an approved helmet. When riding on Gordon Country, you further accept that you are riding at your own risk and will take appropriate safety precautions.
  • When Four Wheel Driving on Gordon Country, we recommend travelling in a buddy system. Ensure you have appropriate four wheel drive hardware such as winches and proper tyres. If buying a four wheel drive pass you accept our terms and conditions and confirm that all drivers of the vehicle hold a current licence. You further confirm that you will have current comprehensive car insurance, and that your vehicles will hold current registration.
  • OUR 4WD TRACKS ARE CLASSED AS MODERATE TO DIFFICULT. Having met all the previous criteria, DO NOT, under any circumstances drive these tracks if inexperienced, uncertain or in an inappropriate vehicle. If you proceed regardless, you are accepting that you do so at your own risk and Gordon Country accepts no liability in any form or fashion while you 4WD on Gordon Country.
  • You accept that Gordon Country policy is to allow dogs under the overall supervision of owners.  We ask that all dogs be kept on a leash at appropriate times but accept no responsibility or liability in any form or fashion if they are left to roam and cause damage or distress.  It is the responsibility of all dog owners to ensure their dog/s do not interfere or disturb the peace and enjoyment of other campers or harm their person/s.


Refer to T’s & C’s CLICK HERE