Safety Guidelines

Safety Precaution Guidelines

We emphasise that the safety of our guests is paramount and ask that you as our guest, familiarise yourself with the following Safety and Precaution Guidelines.  


While there are no fire bans in place at the moment, it is critical that appropriate care is taken by way of the following steps during your stay with us at Gordon Country. This protects most importantly you our guests, as well as the animals, wildlife and property. 

  1. Use an established fire pit;
  2. Make sure the fire is fully extinguished before the last person retires for the evening and is doused with water;
  3. Keep the fire moderate and appropriate for your camp size so that there are no large embers or flames; and
  4. Never leave the fire unattended. 


  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, leave young children unattended while they swim in the creek.NEVER dive or jump into a creek as it’s not always possible to ascertain the depth of the water. If you do so, you proceed at your own risk and Gordon Country accepts no liability in any form or fashion while you swim on Gordon Country.
  • We HIGHLY RECOMMENDthat you bring a first aid kit with you.
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances camp under tree limbs, dead or alive.If a storm hits or there are prevailing strong winds, it’s quite possible that a limb may fall and can cause property damage, injury to self or loss of life.  If you camp under tree limbs exposing yourself to this risk, you accept that you have made this choice aware of the danger acknowledging that you have been advised against doing so. Gordon Country accepts no liability in any form or fashion in this regard.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances,  go bushwalking without appropriate shoes such as runners or boots.This precaution is taken to minimise the risk of tripping, falling or being bitten by animals such as snakes.
  • Further, we STRONGLY ADVISE when bushwalking that you utilise a long stick to continually prod the bushin front of you. Gordon Country is Australian bush land and is home to many varieties of snakes including the Red Belly Black and the King Brown. Precautions such as proper footwear, and prodding the bush ahead of you will give any snake time to move away.
  • We recommend that you carry a bandage with you whenever you are bushwalking and if using a backpack, take your First Aid kit.  These measures are precautionary and sensible in support of your welfare.  Gordon Country accepts no liability, in any form or fashion for those engaged in bushwalking while at Gordon Country.
  • If you are bitten by a snake certain procedures should be followed.Please click on the following link prior to your arrival at Gordon Country and read the information provided on how to treat a snake bite at Snake bites – first aid, treatment and symptoms | healthdirect.  Should a bite occur, always seek IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.
  • SPIDERS AND TICKSare another potential risk when camping in outback Australia.  If you suffer a bite or suspect you have a tick, we strongly advise you to seek IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.   WE ALSO STRONGLY ADVISE that you click on the following link and read the information provided.  Bites and stings – first aid – Better Health Channel
  • When Four Wheel Driving on Gordon Country, we recommend travelling in a buddy system. Ensure you have appropriate four wheel drive hardware such as winches and proper tyres. If buying a four wheel drive pass you accept our terms and conditions and confirm that all drivers of the vehicle hold a current licence. You further confirm that you will have current comprehensive car insurance, and that your vehicles will hold current registration.
  • OUR 4WD TRACKS ARE CLASSED AS MODERATE TO DIFFICULT.Having met all the previous criteria, DO NOT, under any circumstances drive these tracks if inexperienced, uncertain or in an inappropriate vehicle. If you proceed regardless, you are accepting that you do so at your own risk and Gordon Country accepts no liability in any form or fashion while you 4WD on Gordon Country.
  • You accept that Gordon Country policy is to allow dogs under the overall supervision of owners.  We ask that all dogs be kept on a leash at appropriate times but accept no responsibility or liability in any form or fashion if they are left to roam and cause damage or distress.  It is the responsibility of all dog owners to ensure their dog/s do not interfere or disturb the peace and enjoyment of other campers or harm their person/s.

Refer to T’s & C’s CLICK HERE

2. Conduct and behaviour

2.1 Gordon Country reserves the right to refuse anyone entry at their absolute discretion

2.2 Gordon Country reserves the right to ask anybody to leave at any point during their stay at Gordon Country’s absolute discretion and no refund or credit will apply if due to the fault of the Guest, with such to be determined at the sole discretion of Gordon Country

2.3 All guests must take all rubbish with them when they leave

2.4 Anybody found to be dumping or leaving rubbish will be asked to leave immediately and will be subject to a $220.00 rubbish removal and cleanup fee.

2.5 All waste from portable ablutions must be dumped in the soil waste holding tank provided on site.

2.6 The burying of ablutions effluent is strictly prohibited on Gordon Country and anybody found to be dumping effluent will be asked to leave immediately and will be subject to a $330.00 cleanup fee

2.7 In the case of property damage Gordon Country reserve the right to detract a reasonable and appropriate amount from your credit card to cover costs of replacement or rectification. Property damage, includes but is not limited to vandalising our camping flats with vehicle misuse (eg ‘wheelies’), broken chairs, tables, sullied doonas, pet hair.

2.8 Campers must only use established fire pits.

2.9 Firewood may be collected on the property from fallen timber however, trees must not be cut down.

2.10 Motorbikes and four wheel bikes are strictly prohibited on Gordon Country and any activities related to Motocross, Enduro, Off-road motorcycles are strictly and absolutely prohibited.

2.11 No shooting or weapons are allowed on Gordon Country under any circumstances.

2.12 Chainsaws are not permitted unless a license is held.

3. Other - activities and pets

3.1 Gordon Country guests agree on booking to abide by our Rules and Regulations.

3.2 Guests acknowledge the inherent risk of all Activities and bush camping, including but not limited to falling limbs from trees, insects, snakes and spiders and will take necessary and reasonable precautions against same. They acknowledge that this can result in permanent or temporary injury and death.

3.3 Dog owners take full responsibility for their dogs will take all necessary and reasonable precautions to prevent harm to livestock, other animals or persons. Dog owners and Guests indemnify Gordon Country and staff to the greatest extent permitted by law from any harm or loss arising out interaction with livestock, other animals or persons.

3.4 By booking, Guests acknowledge and declare that their pets (whether horses, dogs or other) are disease free, healthy and current with all standard vaccinations.

3.5 Four wheel drivers agree and declare on booking that they have satisfactory safety gear, a current driver’s license and comprehensive insurance policies.

3.6 Four wheel drivers agree that they will not drive off track.

3.7 Four wheel driving whilst under the influence of an intoxicating substance is strictly prohibited on Gordon Country.

3.8 Four wheel driving at night or in wet conditions is strictly prohibited on Gordon Country.

3.9 Any recoveries required will be at the Guests own costs and Gordon Country makes no guarantees and nor representations about the safety or otherwise of the four wheel drive tracks.

3.10 Gordon Country reserves the right to close any or all of the four wheel drive tracks should conditions be deemed unsafe and no refunds or credits shall apply in this instance.

3.11 Guests indemnify Gordon Country and staff to the greatest extent permitted by law from any harm or loss arising out activities.

4. Warranties, indemnities and exclusion of liability

4.1. Gordon Country warrants that:

4.1.1 there are no legal restrictions preventing it from hosting the Guests;

4.1.3 it will act lawfully and will comply with any applicable laws, regulations, industry codes of conduct and Australian standards in performing the Services;

4.1.4 it has complied with all applicable legislation, awards and industrial instruments in engaging or employing all persons who will perform the Services in accordance with this Agreement;

4.1.5 if applicable, it has a valid ABN which has been advised to the Guest; and

4.1.6 if applicable, it is registered for GST purposes.

4.2. Indemnities

a) The Guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Gordon Country against any loss or damage caused to them or their property or another person or their property during the period of their booking, howsoever incurred.

b) Gordon Country will not be liable for any loss or damages suffered by the guest due to any issues resulting from:
i. Matters beyond the power and control of Gordon Country;

ii. Inclement weather and any consequential damage from same, including but not limited to property damage or personal injury;

iii. caused by any of the client’s or Gordon Country suppliers;

iv. caused by a breakdown in any equipment;

v. falling limbs from trees;

vi. injury from animal or insect;

vii. injury from any Activity;

viii. contributed to or caused by the Guest;

ix. force majeure; and/or

x. anything otherwise outside the control of Gordon Country.

c) The obligations under this clause will survive termination of this Agreement.

4.3 The guest agrees that neither Gordon Country, nor servants, agents or Subcontractors at any time pursuant to these terms will in any circumstances (except where statute otherwise requires) be under any liability whatsoever (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) or for any consequential loss or injury of any kind whether such is caused or is alleged to have been caused by the negligence or wilful act or default of Gordon Country, its officers, servants, agents or Subcontractors or by any cause whatsoever.

4.4 Gordon Country will be entitled to the benefit of the exclusion of liability under clause 3.1 even if is proved that the loss or damage resulted from an act or omission done with intent to cause damage, or recklessly and with knowledge that the damage would probably result, to the extent permissible by law.

4.5 Nothing whatsoever done or omitted to be done or other conduct by Gordon Country in breach of these Terms or otherwise will under any circumstances constitute a fundamental breach or repudiation of these Terms such as to have the effect of disentitling Gordon Country from obtaining the benefit of or enforcing any rights, defences, exemptions, immunities and limitations of liability of G ordon Country contained in these Terms, with all such any rights, defences, exemptions, immunities and limitations of liability and such protection to have full force and effect in any event whatsoever.

4.6 Should a Court of competent jurisdiction find the preceding 3 clauses to be invalid or in any way restricts their operation, then Gordon Country’s liability is limited to the amount of the relevant booking.

5. Variation, waiver and jurisdiction

5.1 Gordon Country may vary or waive any one of these Terms at any time at its sole discretion.

5.2 Gordon Country may vary these terms by removing or adding extra conditions and if done so in order to comply with legislation, the client agrees to absorb any cost or fees associated with such compliance where such does not relate to capital improvements or general management of Gordon Country.

5.3 The waiver of any breach of a term or condition contained herein does not constitute a waiver or of another breach of the same or any other term or condition under these Terms.

5.4 These Terms are governed by the laws of Queensland and the Client hereby submits to the jurisdiction of Queensland for the purposes of the interpretation and application of these Terms.

6. Privacy of contract

6.1 The Client cannot and must not assign or attempt to assign any of its rights or obligations under these Terms without first obtaining Gordon Country’s approval and consent in writing, which may be refused and/or withheld at the sole discretion of Gordon Country.

7. Severability

7.1 If any part or all of a clause of these Terms is deemed void, illegal or unenforceable, the offending part or clause may be severed from these Terms without affecting the enforceability of the remaining clauses of the Terms.